Harvest-plan self-service beta - registration

Beta registration is available free of charge for Australian users.

1 - Have an email handy and choose a password

Your email is your identifier in harvest-plan. After you submit the form, we will send you an activation email.
You will have 10 minutes to click on the activation link and create your password.
Once this is done, you can login and get started.
Oh yes! If you are interrupted and cant complete this step in 10 minutes, that's ok you can start over.

For activation, any password will do as long as it has more than four characters

2 - Provide technical support details

Data is hard to cleanse and bad data poisons statistics, analytics and predictions.
We want to provide a professional service, so we do quarantine out of character data.
But we know that data is hard to collect as well!
If we quarantine your data, we will contact you to sort it out.
We can also contact you if we notice technical problems.

3 - Registration form

Registration is straight forward enough. Just fill that form.
For your login
For Technical support
First Name
Last Name
Organisation Name
Role in organisation

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