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How this page is organised

You will find here
* The reference maps for meteorology per country.
* The reference maps for wine regions per country.
* The skeletal terroir maps per country.
* Other files as necessary or useful.

All documents on that page are licensed under a Creative Commons CC-SA License, you can use, share and redistribute as you please.

Reference maps

All maps are in KML 2.2 format and will load in Google Earth.
Use a "save as" on the links below to download them to your computer.
Note: Depending on your browser and its configuration, a click might fire up Google Earth and show the map, otherwise you will see xml gibberish.

Australia New Zealand South Africa
wine regions wine regions soon wine regions soon
meteorological regions meteorological regions soon meteorological regions soon
skeletal terroir map skeletal terroir map soon skeletal terroir map soon

Reference Files

All files are in XML format following the SHEEP 1.1 XML convention.
They will naturally load in Microsoft Excel.

All Countries
grape varietiesOur 65 standard grape varieties

Technical reference Files

Maps and KML:

Any questions?

While the system is simple; the first steps might require a bit of orientation.
Drop us an email with your question and a telephone number, and we will call you as soon as possible.