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This service is for wine professionals, students and enthusiasts interested in maturity predictions.

  • Harvest-plan self-service Beta is available gratis until 31st October 2015.
  • This gives you plenty of time to enter your samples and watch the system learn.
  • Now featuring Csiro's "Clayton" and soon Thoughtpool's "Allawah" models.

To find out more about predictions and the harvest-plan service go to the harvest-plan wiki

An important part of participating to the beta is to report issues and suggestions at harvest-plan support page

Last updated: Sun 1st Mar; next update Fri 6th Mar


Make your samples work harder

Great News!!! The free Prediction Widget now demonstrates the new Clayton model based on CSIRO's statistical modeling.

We aim at providing an industrial grade online service, for as little as 30 dollars per month for 2016 vintage.
At some stage we might prompt for a donation as running and maintaining such a system has a cost and we receive no funding nor subsidy.

Various methods exists to predict grape maturity. They all have in common a presumption of maturation linearity. Our Modulated Asymptotic Maturation (MAM aka "Allawah") model adopts a block profiling approach allowing longer term predictions.

This approach can take into account weather conditions based on available weather data.
Our objective is to help achieve more streamlined planning and less exceptions management.

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